Make Your Kitchen Look Magnificent

Accent your space with a granite backsplash in Loogootee, Jasper, IN or Owensboro, KY

The right granite backsplash adds a touch of class to any kitchen. VW Granite, LLC works with gorgeous granite slabs to create works of art in your home or business. Create a look that welcomes you every time you set foot in your kitchen.

When it comes to materials for your backsplash, granite is superior to tile because you won't have to deal with cleaning grout lines. The backsplashes we install are extremely easy to clean. You won't have to worry about sponging grease and food stains off the wall. Any splashing from the sink can simply be wiped away.

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Put up a quartz backsplash for function, durability and appearance

You have a lot to gain by installing a quartz backsplash. You can pick out something that meshes with the design of your kitchen, or you can choose a variety of quartz that really stands out. We even do dry-stacked stone.

Standard height is four inches, but we can work with full-height backsplashes that go all the way from your countertop to your cabinetry. Once you pick out the slab you want, we'll come to your home to measure everything for fabrication and installation.

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